mb7706-Sparkle Paste 500g

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Formulated using a range of alloys and spherical oxide zero solder powders. With closely controlled particle distribution and highly stable flux technology, sparkle solder paste exhibit outstanding printing characteristics. With controlled Rheology this enables crisp, fine pitch deposits to be printed without slumping, either with squeegees or enclosed head systems. The standard alloy range includes Anti-tombstoning products that prevent tombstoning using twin peak melting point technology. Senju Sparkle Paste OZ series of products are suitable for surface mount assembly and many other reflow soldering applications including component assembly, sealing, bumping, die bonding and induction soldering.

OZ63-330F-40-10 250 0.5 0.5mm pitch standard. 0.4mm pitch corresponds to apply. 

 Volume: 500g

Gross Weight: 534g